Enter the new world of 3D Ceramic Art !
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      REFORGE Digital Ceramics - Original 3D Art created by Chris Keenan.  Our ceramics are designed in 3D software, 3D printed and finished by hand in a complex process.  They take longer to produce but offer elegance, complexity and light weight.  Read our blog & learn about the why and the how of digital ceramics.

      Arrange to view a piece - For products over $500 we can arrange an individual viewing in either Devonport or Scott’s Landing.

      Made in New Zealand !

      We use very fine New Zealand and Australian clay.  Its recommend to wash by hand & avoid dishwashers.  We use food safe glazes and kiln fire to cone 5-6.  The colours may look different from the photos in different lighting conditions.

      Questions ? Call Chris at +64 21 393 900