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      Based in Devonport, New Zealand, Reforge was originally formed to explore recycled drinking bottles as a 3D printing material. The concept was to build local digital manufacturing in a environmentally sustainable way with the support of Government and Universities. The support was there and we printed hundreds of objects in recycled plastic. But while the concept was valid, funding was elusive and like many people who get involved in 3D printing, we were getting frustrated with the limitations of plastics.  We started looking at more sustainable materials and found ceramics held real promise.  We decided to move away from plastics, fully self fund our project and embrace clay as our medium for art and products.  We created an art studio at our bach in the mahurangi and went into production.  During this time we discovered a ready market for our print art and decided it was time to combine our 3d printed ceramics into this online store.  


      As a husband and wife team, Chris Keenan and Mary Brake met in New England where they sailed a 31" Cutter to Bermuda, the Caribbean and off the coast of Venezuela. They bring years of experience as small business owners, originally based out of Northern California.


      Mary is a Kiwi with extensive visual recording, facilitation and illustration experience. She has worked with organizations around the world from global corporations to local not-for-profits groups, assisting them with identifying and then communicating important information. Check out Reflection Graphics for details and examples. Along with this work, she creates original and digital art particularly inspired by the unique beauty of our coast, landscape and culture.


      Chris has a background as a professional pilot, building technology companies, CAD, 3D animation and yacht design.  Today he creates original 3D ceramic art and builds these forms using experimental 3D printing technologies. His focus is the creation of new ceramic shapes that combining emerging digital tools with ancient hand finishing techniques.


      REFORGE is a division of Reflection Graphics, Ltd., a company Chris and Mary have been building since 2001.

      "Tangent" our gaff rigged schooner we designed